Tuesday 16 January 2018
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Anavar only cycle: Is it effective?

This is a subject that is debated a lot on forums and therefore you need to read ahead to know the answer approach in a correct way. Every anabolic steroid is derived from the male hormone testosterone. Hence you can use any steroid by itself and get results. In this case since anavar binds so well to SHBG, and since it has little androgenic effects. It would be better to stack in an androgen with it. It does not have to be a testosterone necessarily, it can be tren even. I’ve had my best strength gains on a tren + var stack actually. The gains from an oral only cycle won’t be quite as good as a cycle where you run a testosterone base but you can still make really good gains and keep them with a proper cycle lay out and PCT. Using a good natural testosterone booster in your cycle lay out is very smart. It will keep testicular atrophy to a minimum and sort of replace the need for a testosterone base in the cycle. If you are going to run an oral only cycle, that is the smartest way to do it but they are most commonly used in a stack.

An Anavar only cycle doesn’t necessarily mean that this steroid is the only drug used to promote muscle growth, weight gain, or increase strength. Anavar is effective for both bulking and cutting cycles. It’s relatively common when used by women because of its reputation of being gentle. Results and side effects depend on milligram strength and frequency of dosage. Anavar, depending on where it’s obtained, can be quite anabolic in nature, but it is low in androgenic properties. Variations of Anavar only cycle usage differs depending on expectations. When comparing bodybuilding websites, muscle building forum discussion boards, and even images found on search engines, it’s not difficult to find numerous suggestions for an Anavar only cycle.

Why Anavar Alone cycle?

The fact that this very steroid is extremely mild has led many athletes to consider that an Anavar cycle can assist them to good extent. More about it is, Anavar shows very few side effects (if any at all) when followed under right guidance and as recommended, and in spite of the fact that it is an alkylated oral steroid, the peril for liver toxicity is much lesser than that linked with other oral steroids, such as Winstrol.

For many, it is a matter of personal preferences to select the cycle pattern, depending on desired results, and awareness of the type of steroids and other drugs that are commonly used in cycles for both cutting and bulking phases. Bodybuilders often combine two, sometimes three different types of testosterone or synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids like Anavar into a stack to accelerate and promote optimal benefits. They are commonly used in a stackto obtain maximum gain and better utilization of time and supplement. Before determining if you really want to try an Anavar only cycle or a blend of supplements, know what Anavar is and how it behaves in the body.