Tuesday 20 February 2018
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Find Out How Dr. Curtis Cripe Has Designed Behavioral Disorder Rehab Systems Differently

When it comes to the area of behavioral medicine or neuroscience in the United States, the name of Dr. Curtis Cripe has been spontaneous. As a distinguished academic leader, an insightful developer of pioneering healing procedures to address common to critical psychological problems and brain-based disorders, a great counselor and a dedicated team member, his importance has always been the top sought for. Dr. Curtis achieved his advanced degree as well as PhD in Health Psychology plus Behavioral Medicine from the well-known Prescott Valley, Arizona based NorthCentral University, which is especially recognized especially as a Doctoral Research academy. In addition to the above, all through his career life, he has received one after another certification on differ subjects and areas that are especially linked with neuroscience and engineering.

As an esteemed researcher and creator of new generation ideas on behavioral therapies, he is invited as the guest speaker in various conferences all over the world. In 2014, he was the chief speaker at Alaska Brain Injury Conference.  The major neuroscientist and engineer is now associated with the major community NTL Group, Inc. He is playing the major role of the Chief of NTL’s research and development team and guides his core pool of experts consisting of high profile neuroscientists, researchers, analysts and solution developers. His major activity areas include psychology, psycho physiology, addiction recovery and all other brain oriented disorders commonly reported and found in kids to youngsters and adults to elderly.

He initiated his career life as an aerospace system engineer and worked for Jet Propulsion Lab located in corporate American state California. His worthy involvement in the major project work involving landing on Mars by the spacecraft Viking 1 has always been appreciated. After leaving NASA’s JPL group, he joined the TRW Corp to oversee a series of most important system based project management jobs executed by The Department of Defense, the US. Subsequently, he entered into a completely different area of services related to varied psychological problems in Americans.

His cutting edge thought, development and consolidation of Crossroads Institute can never be overlooked when it comes to the domain of behavioral medicine. Unlike following the traditional methodologies, at Crossroads he successfully generated a highly strong network of mental health care professionals consisting of mental therapists, psychoanalysts, occupational therapists and likeminded practitioners which is spread over a series of states across the country. These professionals work under the supervision and online guidance of Dr. Curtis Cripe, and the entire rehab procedure has been designed utilizing the scopes of web interfaces and telemedicine area. Thus, the course therapies can be attained by any individual in need of therapies concerning brain dysfunctional issues from any remote corner.

Being positioned as the Director R&D, at NTL he used to analyze brain wave forms, physical and mental matrices and undergo the entire medical background of patients with disorders like ADHD, anxiety, depression disorder, brain injury related mental issues and more. He emphasizes on custom based rehab sessions that are designed after lot of analysis enabling the group to offer long terms solutions to patients.