Tuesday 16 January 2018
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How Ethnic Caricatures Worked to Immigrant’s Advantage with GWC Valves International

GWC Valves International is a company that is based out of Bakersfield, California with a partnering company in Milan, Italy. The Italy headquarters and partners are trained engineers that specialize in designing and manufacturing all types of valves. The valve manufacturing company is among few that cater to their market and develop any type of valve or flow control product requested. However, they do cover all types of valves. Sometimes, the Bakersfield office enjoys bonding activities. Each time they take time for an activity, it is another employee’s turn to plan it. Among the activities that have been planned, they are supposed to be educational. Recently, and employee did an activity on art in the 1930’s. However, they got very specific with ethnic caricatures and immigrants into the United States. GWC Valves International employees may as well learn about their history right? Ethnic caricatures heavily influenced popular art in the early 1900’s. Many artists became familiar with the traits associated with each immigrant group and social class. The caricature nature of the pictures exaggerated the qualities of the immigrant class and opened up the doors for many movements to begin.

Eventually, immigrant’s images were used in less harsh mediums. For example, caricatures exaggerate features whereas comics are minimalistic and do not scrutinize characteristics. Immigrants soon became featured in all mediums including popular theatre and comic strips found the GWC employee that ran this exercise. Although they were continuously portrayed as animals, immigrants were also implicitly celebrated through these mediums. Different ethnicities were soon used as a symbol of liberty and democracy in popular art. Currently in 2017, diversity and immigration are still used to portray similar messages. Not only is it important for teams to bond but it is important to always keep informing yourself. Among the things that GWC could be doing with their bonding time, they are learning too. That is the absolute best way to bond according the GWC Valves International’s CEO David Meador. For more information about the fun activities GWC does, visit the link provided above.