Tuesday 20 February 2018
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Improve your fitness by accurate training at appropriate time

Physical fitness is not only performing the day’s activities without any exhaustion but it involves the capacity to perform the total aspects of job, sports and daily events efficiently and effectually. Being physically fit requires regular workout sessions at suitable time. One can train his body in whatever fitness schedule and training procedure he prefers. Currently, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most admired and approved training forms present. It has been preferred as a better substitute to conventional enduring training routines.

What is High Intensity IntervalTraining?

It is a kind of strength training that is mainly based on the fundamental principle of brief, strong and intermittent exercises. These exercises are done with high intensified level, putting extra effort that promotes the body in producing increased muscular size and power. This training focuses on the amount of weight, the number of repetitions of exercise and the number of times the muscle gets exposed to this tension. HIIT believers advocate that this training procedure is far better than other methods for building more strength and size. High intensity workouts are generally short term (30-60 seconds) followed by active periods of rest because the body needs time to recover and produce results after the intense session. High intensity interval training exercises includes smooth weight lifting at normal speed to increased lifts at peaks; doing a few seconds treadmill sprint intensely followed by one minute fast walk before returning back to the sprint or two rounds of intense cycling with full effort for few seconds and then pedalling normally. These sessions vary with time accordingly and may comprise of a single set, thrice a week or full body workout as per the user. The main idea is to expose your body to maximum effort and at same time allowing it to recover continuously not depriving it of its vital energy.

Accurate timing

Along with other factors, the workout time is very crucial factor in any form of training. The best time is when you can do your exercises consistently, because consistency is greatly connected with the results of any physical activity. Workout best time depends on the individual, he can decide his best time according to his body clock; at what time his body responds best towards the workout and his allfunctions remain normal. Mostly, morning time is preferred because that is when our body feels most energetic and fresh after a night’s sleep.

 Why should you follow HIIT?

HIIT, if performed carefully and correctly has loads of advantages to offer your body. It affects-

  • Metabolism- HIIT boosts body’s metabolism greatly, producing increased energy.
  • Age- it acts as an anti-aging therapy because it activates anti -aging hormones in the body, giving you firm wrinkle free skin.
  • Heart – it gives you a healthier heart as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Fat – it helps in reducing body fat and not the muscles
  • Enduring capacity- it enables the person with high endurance power
  • Time – HIIT saves time and can be performed anywhere with no or minimal equipment.