Tuesday 20 February 2018
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Know About the Side Effects of Oxandrolone before taking it

Many people prefer taking Oxandrolone, as it serves quite well for both men as well as women. However, before you start using this steroid, it is important to be get awareness about its side effects, so that you can make best use of this drug.

Who should use this steroid?

This steroid is also known as Anavar in the Market and its effects depends on what form you consume it. If you are taking it in the tablet form then you can get as 10mg tablet, which will cost you around $2 to $2.50. In case you prefer to take it in the powder form then you will get it at the rate of $14 to $15 per gram.

People with following conditions usually prefer to take this steroid.

  • If anyone has lost muscle weight due to any of the adverse medical condition
  • People who are HIV positive and lost the muscle tissue
  • Loss of muscle due to cancer treatment
  • People who are interested to have good body

People who want to spend less money for this steroid will generally prefer to take it in the powder form. Powder form can also be taken by mixing it with water or any other products. However, few people prefer to take it in the tablet form as it is much easier to consume in this form.

Few side effects

It is necessary to mention here some of the side effects of this steroid, which is quite mild as compared to most of the other steroids available in the market.

The common side effects are nausea, headaches, vomiting or change in color of the skin, which is usually seen during initial stage when you start taking this drug.

Some people may either lose their interest or may even increase interest in sex. Women may get acne or hair loss too. As the body gets used to this steroid the side effects will slowly decrease.  

Many people may feel depressed or their anger and anxiety may increase and also suffer loss of sleep. If you observe this kind of side effects for considerable amount of time then it is better to stop consuming this drug.

Side effects observed among men

  1. Trouble in urinating,
  2. Breast swelling
  3. Prolonged erection which may need medical attention if it continues
  4. Decrease in sperm count.

Side effects in women

  1. Development of male traits like body hair growth, enlarged clitoris or deepening of voice
  2. Chances of heart failure
  3. Decrease in exercise ability
  4. Swelling in hands or ankles