Tuesday 16 January 2018
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Make your body strong and lean

Steroids are black marketed for many reasons and one should always be aware before you buy them. This includes testosterone 400 as well which is a very common steroid and is easily available in the market. Testosterones are usually produced by the human body in a natural process. However, if they are not available in the body in the adequate level then it needs to be produced synthetically. This is for people who suffer from hypogonadism. It can impact your quality of life and make you lead a low life. For this you can get many kinds of medicines which are synthetically manufactured.

More about Testosterone

Testosterone is synthetically produced and is usually found in medicines which are prescribed only by the medical practitioners. It is not that you should consume testosterone producing drugs and injections under the supervision of the doctors only. They can be consumed generally too but the level of medicine and its reactions are better known by the doctors which should not be neglected. The synthetically manufactured testosterone 400 is used to increase the muscle mass and improve the performance of the athletes and body builders. Each bottle contains 4 g of testosterone and the popularity is spread worldwide for this steroid. It is one of the most powerful drugs when it comes to testosterone. It generates a huge amount of hormone per ml.

The life cycle of every dose is for up to 8 days and the increased level of testosterone stays in the bloodstream for up to 3 months. But the main point to remember is that testosterone was built to use on animals and not humans. It has a schedule II controlled substance and is only available through black market in the US. It has high potential for abuse and may affect you physically or psychologically.

Side Effects

Since it is available in the injectable form, it is quite painful to apply. It is not to be used by women at all. However, there are many women who use them in small doses. The reason for it not to be used by women is that it is a male thing and is present in male human body only. But few women who need to use it to get in shape do so. It has side effects such as hair growth on the face and the chest along with a deep voice change and a few more noticeable characteristics can be seen which can change the way men lead their lives. It may even shrink the testicles in men which is again another side effect. The body gets a signal that excess levels of testosterone are generated in the body and the natural process of creation stops automatically. Therefore, testicles can shrink and lead to infertility too. It is known that this process is irreversible and cannot be corrected. But this again depends on the length of the injections taken. So, it is necessary to buy such supplements from the legit source else it may lead to many effects which should not be in our favor.