Tuesday 16 January 2018
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Prolonging The Life of Your HVAC Unit

It’s easy to overlook yearly maintenance of your HVAC system. Life gets busy and whether hot or cold,it always works right when you need it. This may be true for a while, but failing to properly maintain a HVAC unit will lead to poor performance and possibly expensive repairs. Your AC unit is an investment that helps keep your home and family members comfortable and to prolong its life, annual maintenance is necessary.

Better Air Quality

Units often collect dirt and dust around the coils, which can lead to bacteria and particles being released into your air. This is especially true if you often fail to change your air filter regularly. In some instances, dirty filters can lead to issues with the respiratory system.

Lessen Repair Occurrances

When an HVAC unit breaks down, the cost of repairs would make any homeowner cringe. They are often hundreds of dollars but many repairs can be prevented with scheduled maintenance. Maintenance is to help lessen the likelihood that your system fails your during the crucial months of the year, which could take days to get repaired.

Performance Efficiency

Studies show that ac units have to work nearly 20% harder if they are dirty or not properly maintained. A unit that has to work harder will eventually start to wear down its components. After some time of performing under those conditions, the system may not be as efficient at cooling or heating.

Lower Energy Cost

A high performing ac unit will take less electricity to heat and cool the home. Less energy being used to function results in lower utility cost. Other measures such as good insulation can help reduce consumption dramatically and overall energy cost.

Warranty Coverage

If your unit has a warranty on it, maintenance can help you keep track of those parts. By routinely having your AC unit inspected, you can ensure that any problems that may have came about before the expiration can be handled timely. An inspection report can be helpful when requesting a part placement or repair be fixed under warranty.

Extending HVAC System Life

Around the 10 year mark, many HVAC units start to show signs of wear and tear. Without proper maintenance, problems could arise that can result in an entire unit needing to be replaced. Due to the expensive nature of such a job, optimizing the life of your ac unit is essential. Proper maintenance can make a system last 15 years or longer.

Additional HVAC Tips

Another way to optimize your ac units performance is to regularly change air filters every 3 to 6 months. Air filters not only filter the air your breathe, it prevents dust and mold from accumulating around the coils and other components of the unit. Knowing the right filter to get for your home is important in maintaining a healthy ac unit. To learn about high quality air filters read more about clear air club.