Tuesday 16 January 2018
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Stylish Window Shopping

Denice is one of those girls who’s always looking to find the one thing that will make her stand out.  She has a closet full of tops, skirts, jeans, shorts and dresses that’s so full she could start her own store; some things haven’t been worn more than once or twice since she got them from the store.  Indeed, her last boyfriend suggested he start her own line of clothing; calling it “Dennie’s Latest Fads” – it was a comment she found less than amusing.    Besides, she got her favorite things from Express Company, so she had no doubt that most of the folks she knew who were fond of the latest styles and the best items probably were regular patrons of them as well.  After all, she’d used a recent Groupon coupon to get her latest tops to wear this coming summer at discounts of 20% off retail prices.  While searching through their listings she saw that more than 750 site visitors had used a Groupon promo codes for 40% discounts on new dresses.  That kind of patronage meant plenty of other discerning patrons were already scanning the pages for new items to add to their wardrobes

Besides, Denice preferred to display the latest additions to her wardrobe.  Were she off to see a ballgame in the afternoon or evening or just strolling through the park walking Toto and munching on a bag of peanuts while he touched noses with all the other dogs taking their daily strolls, Denice liked to look her casual best.  Her mother likes to say Denice “dressed up to dress down” and indeed, she might spend 30 minutes picking out the clothes she’d wear to go to check her box at the post office.

A regular visit to the local computer game room also called for her to wear some new item just so folks knew she was keeping up to date.  It was fun to observe how many of the girls at the game room were busy not playing games but checking out the latest clothing and accessories items on sites like Express Company on the Internet.  They did their 21st century version of window shopping on Fifth Avenue whenever she and her friends met there.