Tuesday 16 January 2018
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Thread of Active Hope for the World with ValueMags

Active Hope is a book that is currently circulating in ValueMags. The marketing and distribution company for magaziner and magazine publishers uses activities such as book clubs to bond. Among those book is Active Hope. The book discusses actions we can take towards change. More specifically, action we can take towards cultivating a better planet. This is defined in the book as “The Great Turning”.

One of the concepts presented to the reader in the thread of hope. This thread is the one in which we are asked to be optimistic about the possibilities of a situation. ValueMags employees have had many friends that are notorious for looking at the glass half empty. This thread asks us to look at the glass half-full… and maybe even more than that. “With Active Hope we consciously choose to draw out our best responses, so that we might surprise even ourselves by what we bring forth” (37 Macy., Johnstone). This is motivation to be optimistic about the possibilities in relation to change. ValueMags believes that our global community can halt and reverse the effects of human evolution on our earth with effort and dedication.

One of the next threads that ValueMags employees are hooked on is the third and last thread which explores spirit and work ethic. An individual’s work ethic is strongly tied to their values/spirituality and mindset. ValueMags  thinks it is also largely reliant on the connections we have with our communities: internal, physical environment, and global. I believe that most people identify long-term with people that share similar lifestyles. “A group we feel at home in can support us through remarkable personal transformation” (128 Macy., Johnstone). The book encourages many people to change their ways to be better individuals. ValueMags is trying to actively implement some of the concepts in the book in the workplace and in their personal lives.