Tuesday 20 February 2018
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Why Ayurvedic Treatments Help in Curing Various Ailments?

Ayurveda is a very vast field of medicine and this is because it is not just about herbal medicines and treatments. The ancient field of medicine has found followers around the world and the reason is all the more eye-opening. Today, people who suffer from bronchitis, or other lung related problems are suffering because their oesophagus and the entire circulatory system is getting polluted. The field of Ayurveda does not just give you prescription drugs to cure you of that disease for the day. Rather, it believes in clearing the circulatory system with medicines, massage and even by chants.

People who are jet-setting around the world might think this is very tough or this might not really work like that. But there are research and studies which show that when it comes to overall wellness and healing nothing works better than Ayurveda and Siddha medicines. Siddha Medicines is another branch of holistic healing that has its origin in ancient South India. The Siddha yogis resided in forests and with exceptional devotion and practice have churned out medicines and written down secret prescriptions for the future generations to follow. A Master healer like Dr. Naram claims to have received the secrets and with these, he has been helping thousands of people around 12 countries from various ailments.

What do these fields of ancient medicine focus on?

Whether it is Siddha medicine, or whether it is Ayurveda, the focus is on wellness and total recuperation from a health condition. Obesity is something that is a health condition, one needs to avoid in order to prevent other ailments from coming along. Diabetes and high blood pressure are common in every household and one just has to realize that the only best way out is to go green and healthy.

For a healthy living, one might have to spend some time in serenity, and one might have to give in to nature to do its treatment and that is where Ayurveda comes in. There are various chronic pain related or surgery related issues which would definitely need therapies and massages too. Marma is one such method, which requires massages and these are very effective in bring in relief and with regular practice one would surely find permanent relief from various joint aches and pains.

However, for Ayurveda to go on successfully, one has to understand that Ayurvedic healers like Dr. Naram believe in following a disciplined way of life.

Ayurvedic treatments work on the entire area of the body, which requires treatment- for instance, for patients suffering from gall bladder or pancreatic issues, the treatment would be for curing the “Pith” area. For curing problems related to cough, cold, flu, and asthama and bronchitis, healers would focus on “Kapha”. For curing problems with joints and knees, like arthritis, and weak bones, the focus that the healers would give would be for treating the “Vaat”.

In short, all that one has to understand is that Ayurveda is a very scientific method of holistic approach towards wellness and complete recovery for life.