Tuesday 20 February 2018
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Winstrol for women and why they love it

Having a perfect body is boost of confidence. It is a given fact that with great physique, you can achieve anything. A good and healthy physique not only provides ideal shape, but also gives strength and fire up your stamina. In this modern era, the society has already set a standard for the appropriate body type. But the regular people with an urge to work and earn money are trying hard to gain the society’s approval. Especially women have gone through the length of exercise and work outs to achieve their ideal body. With a mind set to help women achieve their desired look, many pharmaceutical companies have introduced slimming drugs. But in this ultra modern society where sports are not biased, many women have taken up body building as their profession. And to add support body building drugs were introduced to them. One of the leading body building drugs in the world is the ‘Winstrol’. But effects on women are lower than with male users.

The perks  and struggles of using Winstrol

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is a well known anabolic steroid, providing strength like Hercules. This drug is favored by many athletes and even body builders. Many women body builders prefer taking Winstrol as their supplements. Women body builders use Winstrol for muscle enlargement and the free strength that comes with it. Usually women have a lower dosage than men. Women body builders love taking ‘Winstrol’, but women who doesn’t commend the stanozolol hormones well, may experience some changes in their personality. With heavy dosage they are at a risk of developing deeper voice; can also experience hair loss and even growth on the body hair. And if used longer, women may experience irregular menstrual cycle. If any women experience such changes, then it is advised for them to discontinue the use of Winstrol.

Dosage range

In the history of medicines it has been emphasized that women are much more sensitive to steroids than men. The Winstrol developers came with a new formula for the steroid loving community. The new improved Winstrol are beneficial for women to an extent. But the dosages vary for men and women. Women are in risk zone with overdose of these steroids. In many cases, women are known to have obscured their femininity due to these steroids; they are more likely to experience virillization (developing male traits). Even in extreme cases change in sexual preference is also observed. But the aside from the side effects, Winstrol is known to be a much needed backbone for the body builders. The basic usage of steroids comes in a cycle, which generates at a very low dose and then increase to a higher dose according to the demand of the body’s mass. But the benefits of using Winstrol by women are lower than with male users.

Though Winstrol is primarily known as a body building drug, but it has an ability to reduce excess body fat. After a surface study of the drug’s market, it was concluded that Winstrol is not as bad for health. This drug has an added benefit and with just the right portion of it can treat medical problems like Angioedema (the rapid swelling of dermis and submucosal tissues). It reduces the swelling and counters the frequent attacks of this disease. No drug is without side effects, but can be exceptionally beneficial for some.